For many years we (Core ICT) have been organizing Study Tours to the United States for our (potential) customers.

Thanks to many years of experience and our local contacts we can offer you a Study Tour that aims to make a link between (Belgian) companies and the (American) Tech-industry.

The focus of our Study Tour is to introduce you to the latest technologies, and as a bonus, you will gain strategic insight into the roadmaps of the product portfolio of the different suppliers.


However, we cannot visit every supplier every year. That isn't possible. That is the reason why each participant is asked in advance which supplier(s) they would like to visit. Some of the suppliers that we visited for a briefing in the last couple of years are IBM, VMware, Nutanix, Zscaler, Rubrik, Cohesity, Intel, AMD, Dell EMC, ...

Silicon Valley (San Jose) is the perfect location for these Study Tours. We cannot simply ignore the home base of the biggest players in the tech world. But also in some other parts of the United States, other high-tech industry centers were set up. For that reason, Core ICT often combines Silicon Valley (San Jose) with other locations such as: Austin (Texas), Tucson (Arizona), ..

What are the benefits of the Study Tour US '23

  • All briefings are prepared in advance by Core ICT and the guest speakers. Thanks to your input, these briefings will be tailor-made for your IT environment.
  • During these briefings, you will get all first-hand information from these guest speakers and you have the opportunity to speak to interesting people (founders or C-level Executives).
  • These briefings give you added value and extra insight into current and future trends (including roadmap information).
  • All briefings have a strong focus on digital infrastructure and transformation.
  • During this Study Tour, you can gain a lot of new inspiration and network with all participants.
  • Are you interested in a travel report of a previous Study Tour? Click here for more information.


What's in the travel package?

Core ICT has put a package together, including the following items:

  • Flights
    • Brussels - San Francisco (Departure)
    • San Jose - Phoenix
    • Phoenix - Brussels (Return)
  • All transport (between airport and hotel or between hotel and the Executive Briefing Centers,...)
  • Hotel
  • Food and drinks
  • Briefings, fun activities,...

Shortly, we will complete the final agenda. But if you have any questions, let us know as soon as possible. Please send an email to

Practical information:

  • Price: 5.500,00 euro
  • Period: TBD
  • Location: United States (San Jose, California and Tucson, Arizona)
  • Do you want more information or would you like to register: Fill in the form on this website or contact us: or +32 369 38 00. 

Places are limited, so hurry up!