End-User computing

End-User Computing for Dummies

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This new Dummies guide will walk you through: 

  • The abridged history of EUC and how organizational goals have changed throughout time
  • The rise of VDI and its impact on EUC
  • How to accelerate desktop deployments with desktop-as-a-service (DaaS)

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Discover the methods by which you can deploy  application and workload services to your employees and develop a budget to make sure that you don't spend more than you need. 


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Fill in the form and download the e-book for free!

There’s no doubt that providing a complete and functional end-user computing (EUC) experience is valuable to all organizations. Without it, it can be an absolute nightmare for businesses to manage desktops, applications and data for its end-users. It is not only time consuming, but also expensive and inefficient. It is also extremely important that end-users (wherever they are located) can use all their applications and files.

Centralized management, BYOD support, and security are all common, well-known benefits of EUC—but too few companies know how to fully leverage and advance this resource.

And while the goal for EUC hasn’t changed (deploy, manage and secure the devices, applications and data that workers require to perform their jobs), new technologies and IT environments have, creating room for enterprises to transform and improve their EUC experience.